Beth Krom, Candidate Coach

As a new candidate, you might feel like you’re behind the eight ball from the moment you jump into the race. Political consultants, fundraisers and staffers may have a role to play on your campaign, but whatever their experience, most have never been a candidate. They will know what you need to do but only YOU can do what needs to be done – that’s where I can help. While the sand runs through the hourglass, you will be expected to raise money, raise your profile, do relationship building on steroids and keep hitting your goals — while all the targets are moving.

I know the world you are in. Having won six local races and run a Congressional race as well, I know how to coach, motivate and create content to help candidates build their profile, pitch to donors and voters and build credibility quickly. I’ve been where you’ve been, respect your sacrifices and know the hurdles you must jump.

My experience, proven strategies and personal investment in your success allows me to support you, push you beyond your resistance and help you make the best impression on those whose support you will need to win.

About Beth

With nearly two decades of experience as a candidate and an elected official, Beth Krom has earned a reputation as a determined campaigner, a prodigious fundraiser and an effective leader.

Beth understands what it takes to run, win and serve. More than a coach, Beth takes a personal interest in her clients and applies her creative and strategic skills to support their success.

Beginning in 2000, Beth won six consecutive City Council elections in Irvine, CA including two races for Mayor — earning “top vote-getter” status in all but her first win. In 2010 she ran a spirited campaign for Congress

In whatever role she Beth takes on, she brings humor and perspective and always aligns her vision with her values. A seasoned veteran, Beth understands the balancing act that candidates and elected officials face.

Beth brings a perspective and skill set few others possess, and truly enjoys helping clients master the art of being a successful candidate.