My Life, My Work, My Passion

I am an educator, a writer, a creative, a humorist, a public speaker, an advocate, a political advisor, a coach, a networker, a motivator and a “community builder.” Each client and project is unique. My approach is creative and strategic. Your success is my highest priority and your satisfaction is always what I strive for.

I work with clients, candidates, organizations, businesses and audiences to inspire, amuse, engage, connect and support your success through coaching, idea generation, creative brand-building, public speaking, workshops and targeted skill-building in the areas of marketing, communication, fundraising, event planning and team building.

Raised in Kenmore, NY, just outside Buffalo, I grew up with a dad who was a television anchorman and a mom who was an artist, an inventor, an active volunteer in the League of Women Voters and a former clothing designer. The seeds of my future political life were no doubt sewn by my experience growing up in a time of great economic, social and political change. My youth and adolescence were marked by assassinations, wars, social movements, political turbulence and extraordinary scientific achievements. Having my father deliver the daily headlines with his trademark style and powerful voice made the impact of that news even greater. My passion for helping people inspired me to pursue a degree in Education of the Visually Impaired. I earned my degree at the University of Texas at Austin and began my teaching career at the Texas School for the Blind. My husband Solly, who was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, came to Texas to pursue a degree in Optometry. It was pure coincidence that both our careers revolved around vision. Vision, in another context, has been part of my creative life and my political life as well.

After we married, I taught visually impaired students in the Waco Independent School District. When our daughter was born in 1985, we made the decision to relocate to Orange County for a job opportunity for my husband. We eventually settled in Irvine, a relatively new city that had actually been incorporated on my 13th birthday. Irvine is where my children would grow and get their education and where, fifteen years after our arrival in Orange County I would win my first election to the City Council.

I would win five more elections over the next sixteen years, including two as Irvine’s directly elected Mayor (2004-2008). I was proud to be the first place winner in all but my first race for local office.

Well respected for her integrity, innovative leadership style and accomplishments, Beth has consistently focused her attention on the “quality of life” priorities that all communities deserve – public safety, balanced planning, economic development, environmental stewardship, affordable housing, community partnerships, parks and open space, transit access, programs for children, youth and families and the arts.”

The skills I am teaching through coaching and workshops were learned first-hand, on the ground, as a candidate and elected official.

In 2010, after a decade in local government, I ran for Congress. Three months into that race we were forced to face the unpredictable nature of life when our family was hit with a tragedy of unimaginable proportion. Our son Noah, then 22, died suddenly from an accidental fall from a cliff near his apartment in Isla Vista, the seaside student enclave adjacent to the UC Santa Barbara campus. His death came just a week before he was to graduate from UCSB.Noah’s life was too short, but his impact on those who knew him was immense.

Everything I have learned, experienced, explored and created has shaped me, helped me grow and added a new tools to my tool chest.

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