Putting the “FUN” in Political Fundraising

Money in politics is a hot topic these days. Big donors get a lot of attention, but getting a few big checks is not as impactful as getting a lot of smaller ones.

Think about it. If everyone wrote a check for $25 to the candidate they liked best, not only would that candidate raise more money than they would from a handful of large checks, but when someone bets $25 on a horse, they pay attention to the race.

Bottom line: You need money fuel a campaign. How you approach fundraising will impact your fundraising success.

To raise what you need, you will have to put every relationship you’ve ever built — personally, professionally, politically and socially — on the line to build your fundraising base.

With the right attitude, the right toolkit, the right message and the right motivation, you can rapidly and effectively build your visibility, your credibility, your network and your financial resources.

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