A variety of versatile verses!

The VERSED Candidate

by Beth Krom

It’s not just about winning
But restoring belief
In the power of ideas
And some hope for relief

Fighting the fight
And expecting much more
And never forgetting
What you’re here fighting for

To present new ideas
To empower and take action
To run a campaign
Gaining great satisfaction

Because voters want leaders
Who can bring something new
Who will do what they say
And say what they’ll do

Do the work
Bring your best
And they’ll show up
For you

Inspired Connection

by Beth Krom

Let’s set up the framework
For engagement with others
Who share values and interests
Beyond just being mothers

Or fathers, or women
Many backgrounds and ages
Expanding horizons
Writing more on life’s pages

We’ll share moments that matter
Or try new things together
Have uplifting discussions
Spirits light as a feather

Sharing moments, creative
To keep lives in flow
Growing stronger together
As new friendships grow

Health, mindful living
Engaging, fulfilling
Supporting the journey
Of those who are willing

To find their place here
In the community we create
Through events and activities
Discussion, debate

Socially conscious
Open minds, caring hearts…
Classes, events
Conversation, the arts…

In homes or in nature
We’ll explore all those parts…
Embracing connection
Is where it all starts